What Guests Can Expect of the Post-Pandemic Norm

 8th September 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a wave of change in hotel operations that could possible alter various aspects of a guests’ experience, from how guests check-in to how services will be provided. It is vital for hotels to be able to understand guests’ concerns during the pandemic and be able to adapt to their needs in order to be sustainable in the long run. So what initiatives will hotels employ in order for the public to feel comfortable enough to stay there?

In an effort to achieve a truly contactless hotel experience, guests can look towards skipping the long lines when checking in at the hotel lobby, and instead going straight to checking in on their mobile phones. Queuing up in lines promotes contact with other patrons and may heighten the fear of viral spread, therefore hotels are stepping into the direction of creating a solution to the public’s worries by introducing this procedure. Now all guests simply have to do is download the hotel’s mobile check-in app, register their identification details, verify them simply by taking a snapshot of their identification cards or passports and finally, making payment in a contactless manner via their credit card. This not only allows for a safe check-in procedure, but it also minimizes the usual time spent checking-in and also having guests be able to do it absolutely anywhere, as long as they have their mobile devices with them.

With Clovatel’s online check-in app, guests have the ability to check into their rooms in a contactless manner, skipping the long queues at the lobby and going straight into their designated rooms. This ensures no contact between hotel staff and guests as well as practically no waiting time! Guests can expect to;

  • Skip long lobby lines
  • Check-In from anywhere via the Clovatel App
  • Access their rooms with the in-app mobile key
  • Order hotel services directly via the app
  • Monitor room controls via the app such as lighting and air conditioning
  • Streamline their room check-out process

It will definitely take some getting used to but by making these changes, guests can be rest assured of safety precautions taken place all whilst still enjoying the facilities of the hotel.

Hotel check-in systems have evolved in the last couple of years, improving and creating a much more desirable experience for guests. Patrons expect quick and seamless service and automation has proved to be the best solution. Adopting a solution that will support contactless and paperless is a safe approach that gives confidence to your guests during the trends of pandemic travel.

According to Hospitalitynet, 49% of direct online hotel bookings are now made via mobile. With the advancement of technology and everything being wireless, apps are making their way into a variety of businesses by being contactless. Mobile apps are not here to just streamline your operations process, but they will also help you to engage with your customers, build a loyal customer base, boost retention and overall generate more revenue for your business.

Contactless check-in allows for guests to be able to process pre-arrival check-in as similar as airline check-ins. This prepares hotels for the guest’ arrival and allows them to make the necessary requirements the guest may have. Every step that is needed from the front desk operations is now seamlessly processed by the guest themselves such as passport/ID scanning, facial recognition, payment and including if they require physical key cards or soft keys.

The guest simply has to arrives and validate their on-site presence for security clearance,  receive their preferred room access methods, and be able to settle into their room quickly and in a safe way.

Some of the many advantages of having a Contactless App for your hotel include;

  • Early check-ins
  • Late check-outs
  • Swap rooms
  • Allow for room upgrades
  • Add-on services for the room
  • Control room air conditioning and lights
  • Push promotions


What We Can Provide for You

Clovatel contactless check-in solution provides integration for existing hotel systems or is able to migrate to our suite of solutions for a faster and reduced cost of adoption.

We have integrated Clovatel PMS onto our mobile applications which will allow patrons to make bookings, check-ins, rooms changes, ordering of room services, check-outs, enjoy the amenities of the hotel and be able to pay for their stay all via their mobile app, which also includes facial recognition and passport scanning to confirm identification.

Have a chat with us now and let us share more about improving your hotel needs!

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected the normality of businesses worldwide. From restaurants to shopping malls, there have been many changes made that will take some getting used to. But that does not entirely mean it is a bad thing. These changes actually provide businesses an opportunity to enhance and reshape the new normal for patrons and provide more sustainable solutions for the future.

As with all businesses, hotels have been carefully implementing extra measures to prepare for a strong comeback. On the 3rd of July, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced that hotels can now apply to resume hosting staycation guests, which comes as great news as overseas travel may not be available anytime soon. As of this week, STB has approved 177 hotels to accept staycations which include luxury, boutique and mid-range options.

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely shaken the travel and hospitality industries, there are signs of recovery with stringent health measure implemented across businesses. A prime component for hotels we can look forward to is a revamped check-in process, with many having made the swap to being contactless.

Prior to the pandemic, the check-in process was revolved around a traditional style, involving a lot of human contact. However, as technology continuously improves and has now made its way through various industries, self service kiosks have become a revolutionary solution in tackling the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The CLOVATEL self-service kiosk provides multiple functions which include;

  • facial recognition scanner
  • passport and national identification authentication
  • payment gateway integration
  • cash collector
  • room key card dispenser
  • room booking modifications (stay extension or room upgrades)

A walk through of the kiosk experience will begin with recognizing the guest through facial recognition scanners, authenticating their credentials with their national identification cards or passport, allowing them to make payment by providing both cash and cashless payment options, upselling rooms if they wish to upgrade the room or extend their stay, and finally dispensing the allocated room key cards. This also provides a green initiative where receipts will be emailed to the guests’ email addresses and all feedback can be made online. The hotel staff will be able to view the dashboard for the kiosk uptime as well as receive real-time alerts on its physical status for seamless monitoring, ensuring the check in processes are running optimally.

At iOnesoft Solutions, we provide customisable and contactless self-service kiosks for your business, ensuring seamless and safe hotel check-in experiences for various hotel groups. Visit our website now and let us provide a solution for your hotel needs!