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Digital eGuest Wishes/ Book For Wedding Birthday  And All Event

Digitalise your guest wishes for any events, record video and upload to Facebook. An alternative wedding guest book ideas go digital. Create your own themes, upload your pictures. Guest writes or record their wishes at your events and always remembered. It will create a video guest book, filmed by friends and families on their own phones, and arranged into an online collage for the happy couple.

This an interactive gadget that will make your event truly unforgettable. Guest can take their photos and edit it on the spot to leave text messages or record video messages. Wedding couples love the eGuest Wishes  because it is a fun way for their guest to leave their well-wishes. It is also ideal for sales and corporate events because it engages potential clients and gives them dynamic experience of your event. The best thing about the eGuest Wishes is its digital format that preserves memories forever.

The spirit of the event and the guest wishes when recorded live its an evergreen memory forever.

  • Guest take photos and leave text messages or record video messages.
  • Ideal for any events – Wedding, sales and corporate events, opening ceremony.
  • Uploads instant captured photos.
  • Upload pre-shot video clips.
  • Takes on-site photos and records videos for personal messages.
  • Upload to your Facebook.

All you need is touch screen pc at your event.

Here are some of the videos of the eGuestWishes.


Speaker Subhas Anandan – criminal lawyer in Singapore on 6th Nov 2014 Manage to capture his digital signature and his fun pics with eGuestWishes.

Late Subhas Anandan was a prominent criminal lawyer in Singapore. We were able to capture his fun moments and his signature digitally on 6th Nov 2014 during one of the Lisha Business Networking Session. Together with him is Director: Venga for Mediacorp Vasantham. He left us in Jan 2015.  With eGuest Wishes, we captured his signature digitally forever.


Subhas Anandan
Watch the eGuestBook


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