CENTRAL IT Management – D2C

D2C Central IT Management tool is a complete solution that helps organisation to monitor devices and their applications status from central dashboard. To manage multiple servers, Kiosks hardwares, Web URL, server applications and its services. Reports via email or SMS alerts to your IT admin on the fault status for quick response with dashboard view.

The tool is useful to manage for outsource IT management services.

D2C Central IT Management  consist of 3 areas:

  • Management of Kiosk
  • Management of integrated desktops
  • Management of integrated mobile devices and tablets

There will be 4 editions of D2C:


  • Server and Third Party Services Availability – Availability
  • Kiosk Edition – Kiosk Management (iOS Kiosk and other Kiosk Solutions)
  • Desktop Edition – management of integrated desktops (Desktops, Laptop and Servers)
  • Mobile Edition – Management of integrated mobile devices(Smart Phones) and tablets


  • By number of machines that DSC will manage (E.g.: License for 5 machines, License for 10 machines)

D2C Central IT Management will consist of following modules:

  1. Admin Module
  2. Kiosk Module
  3. Desktops/Laptops/Servers Module
  4. Smart Phones/Tablets Module
  5. Source Availability Module
  6. Audit Trail Module

Admin Module

  • User Management and Settings

IOS Kiosk, Desktops/Laptops/Servers, Smart Phones/Tablets Module

  • Configurations,
  • Software deployment
  • Patch management
  • Reporting and
  • Device Management

Source Availability Module

  • Machine Availability
  • Service Availability


Device IT Central management