When businesses implement CRM, they often do not realize the confusion that results when customer data is repeatedly entreated into the system by different teams. Though one of the primary goals of CRM is to hold all customer-related data on a single software program, exactly the opposite happens. If data is closed and is not accessible to different teams, it may result in redundancy and even duplicity. It is important to have a unified customer database for both the sales and marketing teams. Any changes made to this database should be visible to both the teams.

You cannot expect data to be consistent if:

  • You do not allow marketing teams to access sales data and vice versa
  • Campaign performance data needs to be coordinated
  • Communication between teams is poor, and healthy inter-team dynamics is not stressed
  • You give room to the infamous sales and marketing rivalry
  • Deskera CRM Campaigns will be able coordinate with teams and take responsibility of KPI performance among both the teams

Make sure to:

  • Treat customer data as a single database
  • Allow everyone in sales and marketing teams to view changes made to the database
  • Run analytics and report generation tools with both sales and marketing data in mind
  • Share predictions with both the teams if you have prediction tools installed