Hotel Management Solutions – CLOVATEL

CLOVATEL is a light-based cloud-based PMS, Hotel Management solutions that serves the need for hotels and hostels. It will help hotels to organize efficiently, schedule and manage their daily operations. It also enables hotels, both small and independent to handle front office workflow including online web booking, guest check-in & checkout, rooms assignment, delegating housekeeping tasks, billing, integrated self-service kiosk with facial recognition and more.

Advantageous to have a good and versatile property management system so to ensure easy navigation for browsing the website to accessing the platform aiming to make it as simple as possible fuss free, easy to use interface and to eliminate the hassle.


  • STAAH: Channel Manager, Booking Engine
  • Accounting / ERP system
  • Rate Management
  • Room Inventory Management

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Trending ways to Check-In

PMS integrated with the Contactless digital revolution, the self-service kiosk, a completely unmanned automated kiosk at the hotel entrance is the perfect way to facilitate smooth check-in with less human interaction and more security and safety measures with a peace of mind with robust features making life easy for hoteliers and guests. Today, travellers are more tech-savvy and they would prefer to check-in using their mobiles, avoiding the front-desk lines in hotel lobbies. Guests can use the mobile app to make web bookings, select rooms, and pay making their hotel experience smoother.


  • F&B POS partner for your hotel restaurant
  • Self-Service Kiosk
  • Mobile Pre arrival and onsite Check-In and Checkout