iOnesoft Solutions Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Methodology is stringent to ensure that all of the necessary aspects of software development are addressed (e.g. requirements, design, quality assurance, etc.) and yet flexible enough to be customized to fit the needs by the project and client.

Our development practices and tools are from the best ideas in the field:

  • Definition of project-specific standards and terminology
  • Use of code generation tools and standard frameworks;
  • Storage of source code in robust, secure, networked, code repositories;
  • Standard use of unit testing to detect issues and provide efficient regression testing;
  • Automated evaluation of code against a large set of standards, conventions and design patterns;
  • Automated, continuous integration and build;
  • Specialized performance, stress and security testing;
  • Tracking of issues and test results; and
  • Robust code documentation, from comments in the code.

We provide customized solutions based on the business needs using .Net platforms and SQL Databases.