Contactless Temperature And Facial detection (CTAF) is a contactless scanner that automatically reads body temperature in seconds, with optional facial recognition. These kiosks are able to carry out temperature checks while identifying and recording abnormal temperatures.

CTAF is smart, fast and safe to identify, accept or deter uninvited visitors to the premises; providing real-time protection and peace of mind for your organization and its customers. It is adopted for workplace, retail shops and hotels for efficient and productive operations in pandemic and normal economy.


Leenira app


Leenira app


Works With SafeEntry supports your business by reducing manual effort to log the entry and exit of each and every visitor.

  • Contactless temperature detection
  • Voice feedback and light indicator
  • Access control integrated
  • Automated recording and easy retrievable
  • On-premise and cloud solution
  • Multi Language function
  • Indoor and outdoor adaptable
  • Deny entry with high temperature, unmasked
  • Reduce waiting time
  • Used for employees, contractors, visitors, guests, shopper
Reduce waiting
environment place

Business Areas

Widely used in residential access control, barrier gate, office buildings and other scenarios

  • Office buildings
  • Residential care facilities
  • Schools
  • Retail outlets / Salons
  • Industrial/ Commercial buildings
  • Supermarkets/ Malls
  • Healthcare/ Clinics/ Nursing homes
  • Hotels

Technical Specifications ZY-D28-TW



Table Top Variant


Floor Standing Variant