Lack of communication between sales and marketing teams is the most common source of conflict for 2 out of 5 marketing professionals. Efficiency is observed to drop steeply when sales and marketing teams do not share key data related to performance, campaigns and customers. A coordinated effort is the key to improving sales performance and success of marketing campaigns. As customer happiness is associated with positive performance of KPIs related to these two teams, communication between the two teams are absolutely necessary.

Without coordination between sales and marketing teams, you stand to:

  1. Spend more on parallel campaigns without seeing results
  2. Relevancy of sales message suffers, while marketing campaigns may be perceived as “out of touch” by customers
  3. Redundancy of customer communication eventually results, and customer satisfaction scores drop down

What you should really do:

  • Begin with sharing CRM data between sales and marketing teams
  • Integrate sales and marketing performance tracking by increasing inter-team collaboration
  • Share the responsibility of KPI performance among both the teams
  • Sales and marketing campaigns should be planned together, and should be in sync with each other Performance auditing should be collaborative and consistent with shared goals