The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a wave of change in hotel operations that could possible alter various aspects of a guests’ experience, from how guests check-in to how services will be provided. It is vital for hotels to be able to understand guests’ concerns during the pandemic and be able to adapt to their needs in order to be sustainable in the long run. So what initiatives will hotels employ in order for the public to feel comfortable enough to stay there?

In an effort to achieve a truly contactless hotel experience, guests can look towards skipping the long lines when checking in at the hotel lobby, and instead going straight to checking in on their mobile phones. Queuing up in lines promotes contact with other patrons and may heighten the fear of viral spread, therefore hotels are stepping into the direction of creating a solution to the public’s worries by introducing this procedure. Now all guests simply have to do is download the hotel’s mobile check-in app, register their identification details, verify them simply by taking a snapshot of their identification cards or passports and finally, making payment in a contactless manner via their credit card. This not only allows for a safe check-in procedure, but it also minimizes the usual time spent checking-in and also having guests be able to do it absolutely anywhere, as long as they have their mobile devices with them.

With Clovatel’s online check-in app, guests have the ability to check into their rooms in a contactless manner, skipping the long queues at the lobby and going straight into their designated rooms. This ensures no contact between hotel staff and guests as well as practically no waiting time! Guests can expect to;

  • Skip long lobby lines
  • Check-In from anywhere via the Clovatel App
  • Access their rooms with the in-app mobile key
  • Order hotel services directly via the app
  • Monitor room controls via the app such as lighting and air conditioning
  • Streamline their room check-out process

It will definitely take some getting used to but by making these changes, guests can be rest assured of safety precautions taken place all whilst still enjoying the facilities of the hotel.