Have you had trouble tracking employees’ leave records, through all that piles and piles of paperwork?

This tend to cause distress among employers or HR Administrators, as they have to manually keep track and maintain huge stacks of leave application forms. This particular way results in poor management and can cause potential problems for businesses. For example, not being able to keep track of when employees are on annual leave can cause HR Administrators to poorly form schedules, possibly causing lack of manpower on certain periods.

Tired of dealing with chunks and chunks of paperwork like this? Fret not, introducing E-leave, an electronic leave management system that allows your employees to apply for leave and manage their leave balances online. Once configured, everything will be managed and executed through the system, without manual assistance.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should totally take getting eLeave system into consideration for your business:

1) Reduce Company Overheads

E-leave is paperless, speeds up payroll processing, contributing to lower overheads for companies.

  • Workers will be able to submit leave requests online
  • No hardcopy forms to fill, nothing to print nor sign
  • Use standard web browser to access E-leave
  • Leave applications are automatically routed to superiors for approval
  • Superiors are to approve or reject applications with a click of a mouse
  • Every single leave applications are backed up and tracked

2) Improve Transparency

With E-leave, leave processing becomes a transparent workflow and it enhances employee-management relations.

  • Non-working days are automatically accounted for
  • Valid leaves are automatically accrued and carried forward
  • Unconsumed leave may be converted into salary depending on HR policies
  • Eliminates mistakes arising from complicated leave processes

3) Convenient For Employees

E-leave can be accessed securely online from any computer.

  • Employees can submit urgent leave requests wherever in the world they may be
  • Employees can view their application status, leave history, leave balance&etc
  • No longer a need to contact Human Resource Department over leave matters

4) Avoid Leave Conflicts

A multi-tier leave approval structure assigns 2 or more supervisors to approve the leave request of a single worker.

  • Supervisors can access leave calendars and refer to the schedule before approving new leave requests.
  • Prevents clash of leave by co-workers
  • As leave conflicts are reduced, supervisors can efficiently manage their manpower situation

5) Increases Productivity

E-leave makes manual tracking obsolete as it automatically tracks the leave history of every employee.

  • Companies can redeploy HR Administrators for more productive job scopes

6) Improves Communication

E-leave sends out extremely useful alerts and notifications functions. Workers submit leave requests and supervisors get alerted before notifying the workers of their status of leave request

  • Avert miscommunication between workers and managers
  • No more misplaced leave forms causing unnecessary delays

In conclusion, E-leave is actually a quite highly efficient system aimed at improving productivity and convenience among every single employee’ of an organisation! This system would allow employees to work more productively and contribute more to the business especially because the environment and atmosphere of the business would have already been effectively improved with the implementation of E-leave.