Enable employees to access leave details, manage leave applications and carried forward, with Deskera’s employee self service feature.

Deskera eLeave enables employees to apply online for leave and time off. They can track the approval status online as well. When an employee applies for time off, the request is automatically routed to their respective managers or the HR manager. At that point the managers can either accept or reject the leave application. The automatic routing of leave applications saves a great deal of processing time. Employees can either apply for a full day, half day, or they can apply for specific hours which will then have to be approved by their managers or the HR manager.

Manager Self Service allows managers to access employee leave requests and information. Leave applied for by employees is automatically routed to their respective managers or HR officer. They may approve, push back or disapprove leave requests with a single click. One can also view current leave balance, reasons for leave requests and pending leave for each employee. The manager may also mention reasons for disapproving or unauthorized employee time off. Leave types enable you to define custom leave categories by title, department, or additional factors. You can also configure leave plans that include eligibility criteria, leave accrual amount, accrual limits and leave balance accumulation periods. Manage your organizational policies by uploading your leave policies.

Run many types of reports by such variables as user, month, type, planned/unplanned, authorized/unauthorized, paid/unpaid leave. Management can also track employee attendance with updated attendance reports. Reports on employee information, current leave balances, leaves taken, leave requests made, overtime requests, and manual adjustments all made filterable by employee, locations, departments, job titles and hire types.


E-leave is a highly efficient system aimed at improving productivity and convenience among employees of an organisation. It has plenty of benefits that also includes improving communication in a workplace and prevents leave conflicts.

With an electronic leave management system, the environment and atmosphere of a business will be effectively improved, allowing employees to work more productively and contribute more to the business.