Deskera eClaims is here to make your business better, easier, faster & environment friendly as well. For the longest time, workplaces have been striving towards a paperless office. Yet we still have a long way to go before going completely paperless. In fact, half the battle is making the switch. The other half is running your paperless office efficiently.

One of the business processes where a lot of paperwork is still involved is claim management. For obvious reasons, organizations take extra precaution while processing claims and the lack of an efficient, secure claim management system has prevented any automation.

Deskera eClaims Management

Deskera eClaims management offers automated processes for claim management which reduces effort for claims processing and provides a paperless environment for managing employee claims. It provides fully integrated workflow distribution for efficient claim tracking, processing and document management.

Deskera eClaims management system empowers the organization for effective management of employee claims by recording, monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims. Not only does it save time & energy, but it also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, all the benefits associated with it being a cloud application make it a must have for any organization.

Manager Self Service

Manager Self Service enables managers to access employee trip requests and claims information. The claims request applied for by the employees are automatically routed to their respective managers for approval;

And they can either approve or reject claims by viewing claim details such as claim purpose, expense amount, transaction date, and much more. The manager can also specify the reason for rejecting the employee claim request.

Claims Administration

Claims Administration enables you to customize and manage all claims-associated features for your organization by selecting the claims period, and by selecting eClaims-approving authority in the organization for processing all the claims requests. User administration allows you to manage details of all the employees in your organization, assign them managers and assign accessibility permissions.